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If you are interested in hiring online printing services but you still have some doubts, go through this section, in which we have included the most frequent questions on the topic.

Why is it convenient to hire online printing services?

We recommend online printing services because it has multiple advantages. To start with, you can order the printing of your graphic material at any time or day, and from any place. Distances do not present a problem: You can order the printing of your graphic material within seconds and without moving from your home or office. To continue with, online printers offer very accessible prices because they reduce the amount of money spent by providing online customer services. Finally, you will get high quality graphic material through a process that is time and money-saving because of being carried out all on the Web.

How can I be given a quote for my project?

Thanks to online communication systems, you can be given a quotation for your project very quickly. If you want to get an instant quotation, all you have to do is fill a form on the website of an online printer. In that form you will have to specify what type of graphic piece you want to print –for instance: a Tri-fold, a personal card, an envelope, etc. – You will also specify the size of your design, the type of paper, the number of colors, the cutting and folding, and the type of coating to give it. You will also include the volume of the print run, and the timeframe and means of shipping. It is also possible to be given a quotation of a piece that does not keep within the standard parameters, in which case you will have to specify its particular features.

How do I ensure my project is well printed?

In order to guarantee a successful printing, we highly recommend that you do a test before you print your project. For that purpose, you must first send your design’s files through the Web or in a CD, IP or DVD. Then you must fill in a form to order an Adobe Acrobat PDF or JPEG sample. You complete this form with your personal information and also data referring to the credit card with which you will pay for the sample. E-commerce guarantees online sales without risks. The results of the test are generally ready in no more than two week days.


How are prints corrected?

Once you get the results of the test you can make all the necessary modifications regarding style and text, in order to optimize the final product. Every necessary modification charges a cost that will vary depending on the price set by different online printers.

How does printing start?

Once all necessary corrections have been made, you have to complete a form to place an order for the printing process. This form will be filled in with your personal information and data relating to the credit card you will pay with.

Which are the payment forms?

Online printers generally work with international credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express. In some cases you can also pay by cheque or money order. You do not have to be worried about sending financial information because there are e-commerce security systems that protect customers.

How do I get the prints?

Once your graphic pieces are ready, printers will deliver them to your home. Shipping may be by land or by air –in the case of long-distance or urgent delivery. Consider the whole of the delivery timeframe. Firstly, you must consider printing timeframe, which usually takes between three and ten days –depending on the availability of the printer you hire. Quick services take one or two week days to finish the prints, and charge higher costs. Secondly, you must consider the time it takes to transport the prints. Like with printing timeframes, the quicker the transportation the higher the cost.

What happens if I have a doubt?

You can clear up your doubts using online printer’s assistants. Those printing services that have the mentioned characteristics offer constant customized attention via chat, email or by phone. That way you will plenty enjoy the process of printing your graphic material.

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