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Do you want to get graphic material that is attractive and makes an impact? Do you want to print your company’s promotional material? This section of our website provides a clear description of the entire printing process. This description is a reliable guide when you have to print graphic material on your own.


color brochuresBefore printing it is paramount to hire a graphic designer who designs the composition you want to produce. Even when designs look simple it is necessary to count on a skilled expert to perform the task. No matter if you want to design a personal card or a letterhead, only a designer will be capable of designing a composition that completely represents your company. You must notice that apart from representing a message and a company’s personality graphically, a designer takes into account several aspects of the printing process that are fundamental when creating a design. What is more, designers are the best advisers when choosing a printer.

sample brochuresWhen designing, the designer must consider several aspects about printing. Paper type and weight have a direct influence on the appearance of a composition and therefore need to be carefully chosen. Depending on the quality of the paper used, colors will look different. And depending on its texture, images will have good or bad definition. A catalogue, for instance, changes completely if it is printed on paper without finish or on text paper. Concerning colors, it is important to bear in mind that not all printers work with Pantone colors. You must also consider formats, cuts, folds, finishes and bindings because they affect design, costs and production timeframes. The quantity of the run also affects the design, since it will greatly determine printing costs and printing options –paper, ink, special cuts, etc. If you bear in mind these factors, you will be able to design a composition that is achievable and to choose a printer that is suitable.

make brochuresOnce you get the design you will notice that files sent to the printer have dotted lines. These lines– called bleeds -show printers where to cut. You will also see that images jut out a few millimeters, leaving a cutline that separates images from bleeds and prevents them from being reduced when the design is cut.


Online selection of the printer

We recommend that you choose online printing services because they have several advantages: They are hired easily, they are quick, and they provide full time attention; its graphic quality is very good and its cost is affordable. Our aim is to give you information that will help you find a reliable online printer. In order to hire high quality services, it is fundamental that you gain as much knowledge of printing as you can because it is the only way to understand what each printer has to offer. Once you have been informed it is time to start browsing the Web. In order to find the best online printer, you must have knowledge, visit the best-positioned websites and bear in mind the recommendations made by close relations and designers. Your choice will obviously depend on the prices offered and on whether the printer you choose is capable of producing the design you want.


First you choose a printer and browse its website to become familiar with its hire conditions, privacy policy, payment methods, e-commerce protection, refund system, and work procedure. Then it is time to contact customer services. In general, questions are answered online or by e-mail -although many printers also offer a free answering service. With the help of these commercial assistants you will be able to choose the most convenient printing plan according to your company’s needs –bearing in mind its particular characteristics. You will also be able to establish delivery timeframes, and fill the forms to order samples and final prints correctly.

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Online printers offer the possibility of sending files through the Web and also in a CD, a ZIP file or a DVD. Files containing the design of graphic material such as post cards, posters, envelopes, brochures, etc. must be in the following formats, which are generally accepted by every printer:

sales brochuresAdobe Pagemaker, Acrobat, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, FrameMaker.

brochures onlineMicrosoft Word, Excel, Works, PowerPoint, PhotoDraw, Home Publishing, Publisher.

business brochuresMacromedia Freehand, Fireworks.

brochure designersCorel Draw, Lotus, Photo-Paint, Word-Perfect, Bryce, Ventura, Quattro Pro.

Pre printingDeneba Canvas.

printing servicesApple Works.

brochureSerif PhotoPlus, PagePlus, DrawPlus.

brochuresClaris Works.

brochure printingQuark XPress.

brochure designBroderbund PrintMaster, Printshop.

It is important to bear in mind each printer’s rules and regulations, since they inform you about which formats are accepted. If your design is in another format, probably it is possible to transform it into a printing-compatible format.


Before printing it is paramount to get a sample of how the final product will look like. Online printers usually offer samples in Adobe Acrobat PDF or JPEG format. Samples charge additional costs. They are useful for text, image and color corrections, especially if the chosen printing method is offset printing and you need to use plates. They ensure that printing is successful and that clients are satisfied.

Films and plates

If you will use traditional offset printing, once you get a sample and make the necessary corrections, the design is transferred to films and metal and rubber plates. Notice that corrections are costly, so it is recommended to make samples in order to correct the design before transferring it. That way you ensure that plates are done well. If plates have errors it will be necessary to remake them. But if you have opted for digital printing, files are printed directly without the use of plates.


Before ordering the complete print of copies in traditional offset printing, serious printers produce samples in order to ensure that prints do not have cardinal errors, since it is possible to correct them before making the plates. One of the advantages of digital printing is that it offers the possibility of correcting designs at any given time, even when printing is already in progress. You should know beforehand how long it will take to get your copies printed, which will depend on the quantity of print runs, on the printing system used, on the type of graphic piece –the printing of personal cards does not last the same amount of time as the printing of catalogues- and on how much does the printer devote to your project. Printers often give lower quotations for those projects that can take longer –more than a week- and higher quotations for those that need to be done within a short space of time.

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